Advertising via Direct Navigation

Online Advertising industry tends to grow year by year. The number for 2010 is estimated to reach $29 billion in the U.S. only. In consequence of it’s tremendous growth Direct Navigation business model is becoming a multimillion dollar business in online advertising industry. Online advertisers and other entrepreneurs tend to invest more into creative domain names. In Texas, for example, Bice’s Florist was able to acquire a few really good domains for the business, such are “” and “”. Simply redirected the traffic of the earlier mentioned domains to its main website. This new approach helped the florist increase its website traffic by 47 percent and sales by $1.5 million, which is about 38 percent of total revenue.

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Different types of Direct Navigation

There are a few different types of Direct Navigation. In this post

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we are going to describe the two most practical ones.

The first one was identified as “Freestyle Navigation”, which refers to the practice of entering a keyword in most cases forwarded by a “dot com” TLD hoping to reach some specific content. For example, a user wants to download a famous MSN messenger, then s/he easily types “” into the browser’s address bar, and automatically gets redirected on to the Microsoft’s “” with “download Microsoft MSN messenger” results.

FairWinds Partners identified the other type as “Evolved Navigation”, which refers to the practice of typing brand names into a browser’s address bar expecting the relevant content to appear. for instance, brings you all the relevant content for a sport’s wear company named Adidas.

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TLD importance

As it has been mentioned earlier Direct navigation search is performed when a user types in a so-called generic domain name followed by a TLD, which at the same time is a keyword for the searched content, for instance. In this case the searchers intent is determined by a keyword. The very big advantage of Direct Navigation, that the searcher is concerned about what s/he is looking for. Another important thing we have to mention concerning Direct Navigation Traffic is Top Level Domains. As it can be seen from the table below, the “com” ones are the most popular domains and the searchers are more likely to type in the “dot com” ones at the end of a domain name when they search for something in particular.


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General Statistics

According to statistics, the page visitors brought to you by Direct Navigation are 4.23% convertible into sales, while the conventional search sites bring 2.3% conversion rate. This means that there are twice as many purchases conducted when Internet users get to an advertisers page via Direct Navigation rather than from Search Engines. Direct Navigation allows advertisers to reach a more targeted market on the Internet rather then other ways of advertising. It is faster, cheaper and a lot more efficient than other media options. Traffic brought to you by Direct Navigation is considered to be the most pure form of traffic because it is 100% user intent-driven and it is considered to be highest-converting web traffic for the same reason. According to Industry reports every 6th search is done via Internet browser address bar which makes it approximately 17% of Internet searchers who prefer Direct Navigation over the Search Engines.

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Direct Navigation in a Nutshell

So what is direct navigation? Sure you could probably write an extensive research paper on the topic; quoting endless statistics and figures.. but in as few words as possible, direct navigation is a term which encompasses the action of an internet user finding a website directly through a browser URL bar; typically typing in ‘keyword’.com

Direct Navigation

Direct Navigation Example

Simple isn’t it! We thought our first post should be, nonetheless we plan on sharing some statistics and figures to help you understand on what sort of scale direct navigation takes place (you might be surprised!)

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